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Wake up humanity.

The “world” has you.

We are not spiritual beings having a human experience.

We are spiritual beings having an inhumane experience.

We live on beautiful Gaia; but ignorance to beauty has created a world of strife and division.

May sorrow birth her last child.

The world will not change until we change the double-mindedness within ourselves.

This is not a good or evil world.

It is an organic whole with infinite shades of every brilliant color.

The only way to save this world is for each of us to see it as our own responsibility.

We must be the servant leaders we want to see in this world.

Jesus said to love your enemies.

My experiences have taught me that an enemy is someone I have judged with contempt; prior to investigation.

I have never met a person that I didn’t love; once I got to know them.

And I have heard the confessions of celebrities, people of high social stature, the mentally ill, and murderers.

It is a folly to judge this world with our external senses.

We are invited to see this world and ourselves from a new perspective; a universal perspective of grace, beauty, and artistry.

This is the invitation from both Gaia and all of the invisible graces that nurture her.

Only the meek will inherit Gaia.

Imagine ALL of us: living a life of peace, together.

Be of good cheer, my friends, the “world” has already been overcome.

We who have ears to hear, let us hear!

Live one moment at a time and make it something beautiful!

PTD ✝️🙏🕉

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“Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” – 2 Corinthians 3:17

What a wonder is this God of mine; this power of Life and Love that is the Truth.

I’ve realized that the only thing that really matters in my life is seeking contact with God. Without that, all of the riches and pleasures of this world would mean nothing. With it, all of the riches of Heaven are mine in the blink of an eye.

What a thrill to finally realize that all I really need is available at all times; contingent on nothing but my willingness to seek knowledge of God’s will and the power to carry it out. The rest is just frosting, but I don’t have to have it. There’s a big difference between wanting something and believing that you need it. 
I have everything I need; always and forever. There is much freedom in that realization. There is much freedom in true living.

Unmasked Excerpt

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There’s a beautiful saying in a book I read that reminds me that spiritual growth is about progress and not perfection. Struggles are also a part of the spiritual journey. My daughter, Hope, is making progress. We trust in God to finish what he started.

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My eve was in truth my dawn. – Kahlil Gibran

Yesterday as I was driving home, I saw a young woman walking down the side of the busy street. My heart immediately sank as I was reminded of the pain and fear that I experienced last year when my daughter, Hope, was living on the streets and using methamphetamine. I can honestly say that the seven months that my daughter was using in 2014 were the most devastating days of my life. I lived in constant fear of receiving a phone call or a knock on the door; informing me that my daughter was either dead or seriously injured.

Ironically, on August 3rd of this year, I received a phone call from John Peter Smith Hospital’s ICU notifying me that my daughter was there; that I needed to come to the hospital as soon as possible. When I arrived, I was informed that my daughter was suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. The doctor told me that he was “not optimistic” about her recovery. Miraculously, my daughter did recover and is now at home with me; sleeping peacefully in the other room.

The reason that I am contrasting these two events is because I am overwhelmed by the “peace that passes understanding” available through the Spirit of the Risen Jesus. As I said, when I lived in fear of that phone call, my life was overcome by despair. However, when the circumstances actually came to pass, I was able to walk through the situation with an uncanny sense of serenity. I believe that this dichotomy occurred because God cannot be present in my fears of the uncertain future; whereas He is wholly present in the “now” moments of my life.

Similarly, in the early days following Hope’s shooting, I would torture myself envisioning the horror that Hope had endured. In the midst of one of my morning imaginings, the spirit spoke to me clearly, “Don’t worry about what Hope endured; because I carried the burden of the experience for her; just as I am carrying the burden of this experience for you.” In than moment, I clearly understood that the past had no power over my present moment. I realized that “now” is the only true reality and that God is sovereign in every “now” moment; not just for me, but for anyone who seeks Him.

The Bible says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. But in the reality of God, there is only “now,” as time gives way to eternity. I thank God that His promises are true; that He will never leave me or forsake me. And I pray that the Lord will bless you and keep you; and that, as you turn your face toward Him, He will give you peace that surpasses all understanding. Namaste, friends.


The Journey Continues

September 3, 2015

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Nobody ever wanted anything as much as God wants to bring people to know him. – Meister Eckhart 

I haven’t written for a while because my life was shattered on August 3rd, but there is something deep within me that is welling its way toward expression.

My daughter, Hope, was shot in the head on August 3rd; exactly four weeks ago to date. She was left for dead on a dead-end street. When she was found, homicide detectives were called because it seemed unlikely that she would survive. She survived emergency brain surgery, but took a turn for the worse on August 6th. We were told that we “needed a miracle” to save her. We asked for one – and we got it. We brought Hope home from the hospital yesterday and she has already been to church and to I-Hop. And that’s all I have to say about these circumstances because the news media is already doing the job of spreading “Hope’s Miracle.”

The thing that I feel compelled to share is the “backstory” of the miracle. On the morning of August 6th, I cried out to God; vacillating between begging for the life of my youngest child and cursing the people who hurt her. In the midst of my pleas for God to let her live, I heard so clearly within my spirit, “That is up to you; how much are you willing to forgive and how much are you willing to believe?” In that moment, something truly supernatural occurred within me. Not only did my malice towards her offenders leave me, but I actually experienced compassion for them. As the fog of negativity lifted, I once again heard that inaudible voice whose counsel has led me for so many years, “Don’t fall for this. Don’t believe what you see; believe what you KNOW.”

And this is what I know: God loves each of us as a mother loves her only child. But most of us do not experience that love because we have bought into the belief that Love could turn her back on seeming imperfection. Love takes our “sins” no more seriously than a mother watching her child play make-believe. There is nothing that can separate us from the love of God; except the belief that we are separate from each other and from God.

Everyone says that Hope’s Miracle is the proof that God is real. This experience is that and so much more for me. Hope’s Miracle is proof that even a willingness to forgive makes room for abounding grace. Hope’s Miracle is proof that when two or more are gathered, the Spirit of the Risen Jesus is in the midst. Hope’s Miracle is proof that if I earnestly take one step towards God, Love will take a million steps towards me.

Hope’s Miracle IS proof that God is real; so how much are YOU willing to forgive and how much are YOU willing to believe?

The Journey Continues

August 31, 2015


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