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“This is a precious moment, but it is transient. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.” – Deepak Chopra

Sometimes I have such bittersweet feelings because I know that this precious time when Hope is my little baby is so fleeting. However, how do I know that there aren’t more precious times ahead with all of the children? 

Sometimes I wonder where I’ve been all of my life. I guess looking forward to the best that was yet to come. I realize that better things may very well be coming, but that the best, so far, is right here and right now. Who cares if this great and poignant beauty of life is not forever? It’s here and I see it. I am experiencing it.

Sometimes I just hate the way that joy and sorrow are so similar. I guess the seeming polarity is what keeps it all in balance, in perspective; what keeps it all from becoming mundane and keeps me from becoming complacent.

I am enjoying motherhood so immensely. I am so blessed to have such precious children; and to have such a gentle and loving husband. We have come such a long way together; I don’t even recognize us anymore yet the peace between us is so anciently familiar. We are truly learning to live and let live. 

I have a wonderful life! I just need to quit being so dramatic and not let the fact that it’s transitory get me down. I have no cares for tomorrow for my present moment is well lived.

Thank You, God!

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