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God’s promise to make Abraham’s name great was not a promise of fame, but a guarantee He would shape great character in him.  The biblical concept of “fame” focuses on the quality of the person’s trustworthiness, integrity and spiritual weight. – Jack Hayford

I have been reading “Unmasked” again and I noticed something:  I used to be so focused on my “spirituality.”  I realize now that to think that the purpose of the indwelling Christ is to only make me spiritual is very self-centered.  I am made spiritual in order to be of maximum service to God – or really for God to be of maximum service to Himself.  He always told me that what He could do through me was contingent on what He could do in me, but I didn’t really understand what that meant.  I thought it meant that it would make me a spiritual giant.  What it has really done is make me anonymous to myself.  It’s like going from identity back to anonymity.  Go figure.  Truthfully, I never even knew what it meant to be anonymous because I was too busy trying to obtain recognition.

The Journey Continues

June 29, 2008


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