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The grandiosity of the ego is its alternative to the grandeur of God. – A Course In Miracles

I have been sitting in reflection over something I read in A Course In Miracles.  The course talks about the difference between grandeur and grandiosity.  My reflections made me think about the term “Delusions of Grandeur;” the phrase that clinicians use to describe someone who has grandiose thoughts about themselves.

The course explains this perfectly: the ego has condemned each of us to a false reality of separation. Therefore, any realization of grandeur conflicts with the ego’s verdict.  The ego’s defense to any realization of grandeur is to initiate grandiosity as a cover-up.  I experienced this in the early days of my journey when any moment of clarity would be followed by the belief that I was special.

I have always believed that mental illness is really spiritual warfare. But it is not a war between good and evil, but a war between truth and illusion; between Spirit and Ego.  Inner grandeur is not an illusion; it is Truth.  The core lie within each of us is the delusion of insignificance.

The Journey Continues

October 11, 2014



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