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Wake up humanity.

The “world” has you.

We are not spiritual beings having a human experience.

We are spiritual beings having an inhumane experience.

We live on beautiful Gaia; but ignorance to beauty has created a world of strife and division.

May sorrow birth her last child.

The world will not change until we change the double-mindedness within ourselves.

This is not a good or evil world.

It is an organic whole with infinite shades of every brilliant color.

The only way to save this world is for each of us to see it as our own responsibility.

We must be the servant leaders we want to see in this world.

Jesus said to love your enemies.

My experiences have taught me that an enemy is someone I have judged with contempt; prior to investigation.

I have never met a person that I didn’t love; once I got to know them.

And I have heard the confessions of celebrities, people of high social stature, the mentally ill, and murderers.

It is a folly to judge this world with our external senses.

We are invited to see this world and ourselves from a new perspective; a universal perspective of grace, beauty, and artistry.

This is the invitation from both Gaia and all of the invisible graces that nurture her.

Only the meek will inherit Gaia.

Imagine ALL of us: living a life of peace, together.

Be of good cheer, my friends, the “world” has already been overcome.

We who have ears to hear, let us hear!

Live one moment at a time and make it something beautiful!

PTD ✝️🙏🕉

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