Free Will

The choice is ours whether we choose to follow the universal code of ethics; written on all of our hearts: Love One Another.

We either serve Love or our own selfish desires.

We have selfish desires because we have been traumatized.

We have believed that we are an abomination to God without “good” works.

Jesus wants to change our hearts in a way that good works naturally occur; because they are the consequence of what we become when we meet ourselves face to face.

It’s all about what we believe about ourselves.

Self-forgiveness is the gateway to the glorious path where where we learn to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

But first we must learn that we have been doing unto others as we do unto ourselves.

I could never love myself until Jesus showed me the meaning of love.

PTD ✝️🌷🕉

Time is but a measure through which I relate events of my physical life.

Words are but a mode through which I relate ideas to another.

Life is but a dream through which I understand what I already know.

Love is but the essence through which all things are good.

I am but a soul through which all whom I know may see beauty within themselves.

Paige Thomas

You are loved! You are beautiful! You are meant to be here! You matter!

Paige Thomas DeHart

Namaste ✝️🌷🕉

In the early days of covid-19, there was much talk of heroes in public service and a sense of camaraderie; that we were all in this thing together. Now, with the political lines being once again drawn: the collective focus is to mask or not to mask? What a waste of energy on a ridiculous question. When did normal become insane?

In the early days of covid, we all had a sense that nature herself was telling us what she needs. For a moment, it seemed as if we had all tapped into our collective unity. But here’s the deal, the collective unity is real, but being aware of it; not so much.

The tragedy in Minneapolis has given us a brutal example of how apathy can be fatal. So, in this time, we have living examples of both heroes and villains in public service. The only difference between them is the awareness of the servant’s heart. Trust me, if you are in public service without that awareness, the front lines will chew you up and spit you out. Don’t tread in darkness without the light; it will engulf you.

But I want to talk about the heroes; those among us who truly live in service to others. They are everywhere: they adhere to a code of ethics that mandates that they do no harm; that they treat others with dignity and respect; that they protect others from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

I don’t have a current story that illustrates the beauty of our local heroes, but two pertinent stories stand out from some years ago. In 2014, my daughter was on the streets and using meth. Her lifestyle was terrifying, and I was out of my mind for over six months because of it. I was later to discover that the police force from the Northside of Fort Worth had watched over her and protected her while she was on the streets. That’s what heroes do.

A year later, my daughter was shot in the head and dumped on a dead-end road. She survived the shooting but spent her first night in ICU as a Jane Doe; with minimal chance of survival. My first night in the hospital, the ICU nurse shared with me that he had been with my daughter her first night in ICU. He told me that he kept telling her that he knew that she had family that loved her; that he knew we would find her. That’s what a hero does.

I say all of that to say this: it’s time for the hero within to rise; there’s one inside of all of us. It’s time for the rebels with foolish causes to pick up their torches and become heroes for the cause of kindness to earth and her inhabitants. At this point, it doesn’t matter who becomes president because the government is not and never has been on the shoulders of Washington.

It’s time for us all to live the values we stand for that we may together create a “new” normal that’s actually sane. It’s time to stop the madness and wake up! If we don’t do the work of awakening, we’re already wearing masks and don’t even know it.

Namaste 🕉✝️☯️
Paige DeHart, BS, LCDC

Live one moment at a time; and make them something beautiful. 💜

Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined; and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. – Jess

Without true accountability, there is no integrity. Those who commit crimes are not criminals, but us who have divided against ourselves and lost our way. We who are divided against ourselves are worthy of compassion, but are unqualified for any sort of true leadership unless we examine our ways with the intention of overcoming ego.

There is a difference between a leader and a boss. Bosses who lord over people with constant threat of being fired are not leaders. They are terrorists. To monetize is to weaponize. We cannot serve both God and money. Jesus said “by their fruits, you will know them.”

We must open our eyes because, frankly, the fruit in this world has become compost. But be of good cheer; because there is a way to overcome this world; and that is why we are here. There is no justice if we do not stand for our founding values.

I pledge allegiance to the UNITED STATES of America ; and to the principles through which it stands: one nation UNDER God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL. It was founded to be a place of refuge from corruption. The Statue of Liberty was given to us by France for enlightening the world. Sounds like she and Jesus have a lot in common.

But God has become an overused word with no meaning to most. In reality, though, God is the power of creation balanced with the power of truth and grace. It is the mighty triumvirate of creation, destruction, and perpetual excellence and beauty.

Unless you are a Native American, you are an immigrant to this territory that was founded for the purpose of releasing itself from the tyranny of the union of church and monarchy.

The Statue of Liberty was given to us by France as a gift for enlightening the world. We need to get our lights shining since hers is apparently dimming to imperception

But back to the history: once gold was discovered in California, that was it. The race was on for wealth instead. There was no more us working together to create a safe haven. Us and Them were born again.

Then the industrial revolution began to snuff out the vision. If we love this country, we must at least take the time to research its history.

Furthermore, marketing itself is subliminal manipulation. That’s why we all think we’re fabulous in stilettos or expensive suits; visual stimulation from advertisers told us that.

Don’t think for one minute that non-independent journalism does not do the same thing. It is time for a united state of awareness; which begins with united awakening; which requires that we learn to look at our circumstances from many perspectives.

This is not a black or white world. As a matter of fact, black and white are really just about the absorption of color. The color is quickly fading in this world that has been miscreated with our fears and misunderstandings.

It’s time to learn to think for ourselves. I had the privilege of attending an excellent preparatory school from grades 6-12 and the first thing they taught us was HOW to learn. But they didn’t teach about unlearning and relearning; also known as revision. Erasing things from history is not revision; it is propaganda.

Failure is a part of learning; its purpose is to teach us where we went wrong. It’s purpose is to help us differentiate the difference between what worked and didn’t work; between what is real and unreal. Unreality is perceived as darkness.

More history: Catholicism fractured because the King didn’t want to follow the rules. Jesus was crucified because the religious elite were threatened by him and Rome didn’t want problems with the Pharisees (their base), so they let the people decide. We all know the outcome of that.

World War II was about stopping Hitler after he decided that the Jews were worms. I watched Schindler’s list the other night. The Nazi officers were up on the hill having a gay party with fine food, wine and atmosphere while the Jews were below in the camps.

The light has gone out of our leaders who can pontificate on the hill while children are in cages and people live on the streets of our cities. It’s time to let Israel take care of itself because THIS is the new Babylon. It is up to US to transform it to the NEW Jerusalem; for WE are the people and we are not ignorant; just educated by lies when we let others tell us the meaning of words.

Time to STAND. Barabbas needs to go home and get the help he needs.

Namaste 💜


God is Within Us

Today is Christmas Eve; Emmanuel, God is with us! What exactly does that mean? According to Christian doctrine, this evening commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God; through a virgin whose message was “let it be.” His birth was foretold through the Scriptures of Judaism; that the one would come who would set the captives free.

As the story goes, his parents went to an Inn to get help with the birth; but the Inn was full. So, they instead were assigned to the barn; to give birth where the animals do. Being born in a barn doesn’t make you an animal; just somewhat neglected, uncomfortable, and a little bit wild. The shepherds and the angels cried tidings of comfort and joy; which is hope for the ones who have been rejected at the Inn door.

The story goes on to tell us that Jesus was the one and only incarnation of God; and to find the way to liberation is through him. I am a student of both Christian and Vedic Scripture, so I can’t comfortably say that he is the only way; for Hinduism teaches that the preserver incarnates at pertinent times when the world needs big change.

But what I know is: I was lost, and now I’m found; I was blind and now I see. And Jesus was the one who led the way through the darkness of my inner world, my self-imposed hell, to discover the wonder of true reality. He unshackled the chains of my delusions of insignificance.

Jesus and I have been traveling together for 33 years now. Our relationship has convinced me that I am a spiritual being of grandeur; gifted with an organic avatar of infinite potential, grace, and beauty. But so are you, because there is really only one of us here. We are all unique “patterns” of the same organic energy; dancing in the bliss of our connectedness.

But we have a serious problem; our connectivity has become entangled and distorted. We can no longer hear the cries of the angels as they eternally sing that the dance of creation-destruction- re-creation is for our highest good; that the universe is for us and not against us. The angels are eternally singing that “love trumps hate;” but what we heard was “Aint Trump great!”

They say that grace is free, but it comes at a great cost. This is also the case with the “birth” of the awareness of Love’s presence within us. One drop of this presence makes this new awareness a wisdom-pearl of infinite price; so important that it must be nurtured at any cost.

The Bible says that, “by his stripes, we are healed.” For me, access to this inner benevolence, what I have come to call the “Mettaverse,” began the process of healing my wounds, and hence my scars, from a lifetime of misunderstanding.

So, Christmas Eve is your invitation to come and see that you are the gift; that you are innocent; and that the self-crucifixion must end. For we do not treat others as we wish to be treated; we treat others as we treat ourselves.

It’s time to realize that the party isn’t happening at the crowded Inn. The party’s in the barn; where the wild things are!

The joy of understanding is within you; and, as MC Yogi says, “Things are not what they seem, when you see a solid dream.” So, close your eyes and open your mind; and release the judgments of illusions.

We are called to be the hands and feet of loving-kindness; and the promise is that those who follow Jesus will do even greater works than him. So, let’s get to it in ushering in the hope of real glory; when our veils are torn and the authenticity of what we are emerges.

Mother Teresa said that one cannot fill what is already full. So, let’s face it, the Inn has become a cesspool; of bad ideas and imitations of life. It is False Evidence Appearing Real.

The crib for your inner birth is within your heart, and you are invited to begin your labor towards the delivery of your authentic self. It’s time for these walls to become bridges.

Through my experience, I have learned that to receive initiation in the name of Jesus does not mean that I was once a wretch, but have been redeemed. It has been proven to me that I was never a wretch; and neither are you.

It’s time to know the truth of the beauty that is you; that you may see it in others. Because, my friends, until we can see the beauty within all, we will never fully see it within ourselves; for this is a journey of love’s reciprocity, as truth exchanges perceived ashes for beauty.

You are the light of the world! Your authentic being is called to shine in beauty and grace; that this world may no longer dwell in darkness.

Scripture says that all are called, but few are chosen. Yes, few indeed have responded to this highest call; for we are the ones that must do the choosing. We are the ones who must choose this life of re-designation, that we may know our true name.

The time has come for us to awaken together; to become joined in spirit! United, we can do infinitely more than any “one;” for this light will only emit its full power when we learn to come together for the edification of the whole; that all may be healed via the anointing of Love’s grace. Draining the swamped-out Inn is a “we” program.

So, on this Christmas Eve, let us cry out the alpha and omega of creation, “Let there be light!” It was the edict of God on the first day of perpetual creation. And as it was in the beginning, is now, and shall ever be, let there be light in your hearts; as the bright morning star strikes dawn to the eternity of the eighth day. Emmanuel; God is within us!

With hope that we may all know the nature of Jesus, may this be the dawn of your new birth; as you dance in the fire of beauty, grace and truth.


Paige Thomas DeHart



What the Spirit is able to do through us is contingent upon what we allow the Spirit to do within us. 💕


May the peace that passes understanding bless your life now and always. 💕

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