One month ago today, I was living my normal life: working a full time job, married 25 years, and supporting my youngest daughter who has a traumatic brain injury.

Today, all of those things are gone; but I feel more free than ever before. It’s like I’ve waited my whole life to be myself; without the objections of others.

The past 34 years of my life have been dedicated to becoming the woman that God would have me be. I know that I have found her.

However, she doesn’t allow the unacceptable behavior of others in her life that the old me tolerated.

The old me taught others that they could treat her any way they want, and she would accept it; because she was one to consistently turn the other cheek, and give others the benefit of the doubt.

She had to carry an extra 65 pounds of fat on her body to be that person.

But she finally discovered that she was trying to pour from a cup that had dried up years ago.

She tried to help others, but forgot that she needs help from others too; for after all, recovery is a “we” program.

So, if you’re going through some changes and the fear of uncertainty has you unsettled, remember this: you are not alone.

The world we perceive through our five senses is but of a shadow of the reality that is God.

Meister Eckhart said that God is “as near as our breath.”

My guru Jess has proven that to be true.

He is the Jesus of reality; not the one used to scare people who don’t behave; or have questions.

He is the Jesus who sets the captives free and binds the broken-hearted.

He has healed my heart; which has shattered many times.

But it always heals back to a bigger and better heart; with a greater capacity for love.

So don’t let the pandemic, the election, or the woes of society deter you from the reality that we are safe within the fabric of reality.

Like Emmet Fox said, even if the world blows up, the Captain is still on the bridge.

If God is for us, what could possibly be against us?

And if you don’t know this, let me tell you straight up: God is for you; just as you are.

PTD ✝️🌹🕉

Wake Up Humanity

Wake up humanity.

The “world” has you.

We are not spiritual beings having a human experience.

We are spiritual beings having an inhumane experience.

We live on beautiful Gaia; but ignorance to beauty has created a world of strife and division.

May sorrow birth her last child.

The world will not change until we change the double-mindedness within ourselves.

This is not a good or evil world.

It is an organic whole with infinite shades of every brilliant color.

The only way to save this world is for each of us to see it as our own responsibility.

We must be the servant leaders we want to see in this world.

Jesus said to love your enemies.

My experiences have taught me that an enemy is someone I have judged with contempt; prior to investigation.

I have never met a person that I didn’t love; once I got to know them.

And I have heard the confessions of celebrities, people of high social stature, the mentally ill, and murderers.

It is a folly to judge this world with our external senses.

We are invited to see this world and ourselves from a new perspective; a universal perspective of grace, beauty, and artistry.

This is the invitation from both Gaia and all of the invisible graces that nurture her.

Only the meek will inherit Gaia.

Imagine ALL of us: living a life of peace, together.

Be of good cheer, my friends, the “world” has already been overcome.

We who have ears to hear, let us hear!

Live one moment at a time and make it something beautiful!

PTD ✝️🙏🕉


Now is the time for a wholistic movement of coming together as One: to fight for the world soul of Grace,Truth, and Love.

I am an overcoming champion of tremendously adverse experiences.

I was led through the valley of the shadow of death by Jesus; only to discover that fear and darkness are phantoms.

How else could a 25 year old psych patient who was killing herself with alcohol, bulimia, and self-betrayal become me?

I serve a Lord who has taught me that the glory of the mountaintop is to receive light for the community within the valley; where games of thrones are nonexistent.

It is our responsibility and privilege to commune in the villages to teach what we have learned; around the campfire with open hearts of empathy and devotion.

Only kindness and compassion matter: and if we do not stand for Truth in this time, those who cannot discern truth from falsity remain caged in their delusions of insignificance.

We do not live in a black or white world, but many live in a colorless reality.

There is really only One of us here. Those that know the secrets of the hidden manna have the responsibility and the privilege of demonstrating it.

Be the light you want to see in the world.


This whole deal with covid and the protests has reminded me of many things.

It has brought recollections of the “servants” who raised me.

I was a rich, white, preppy in the 70’s who was raised by my black housekeeper.

My childhood trauma issues kept me from developing full-blown affluenza, but I clearly remember that the woman who seemed to care for me the most was her. Her name was Christine.

She was the one who combed my hair, gave me rides, and even chased me around the pool when she caught me with weed.

She was the one who told me I was something in a world where I believed that I was nothing.

In the movie, The Help, I relate most to the little girl who was constantly criticized by her mother.

I know today as a mother myself that Christine was serving in the role as mother; and she did it well.

I have learned that the world in which I live is a reflection of what I am.

If I am arrogant and prideful, I see others as beneath me or inferior.

I betray myself with that attitude.

However, when I look deeply at others, I see them as the teachers that they are.

It is the homeless and the addicts, the criminals and the mentally “ill” who have taught me who and what I am.

The mean-spirited have taught me who and what I am not.

Jesus did not exalt himself with flowing robes and motorcades.

He washed his disciples’ feet to show the meaning of servant leadership and humility.

So, let us remember when we are tempted to look down at others, that things are not what they seem; and your “servant” may be your Master.

Om Shanti Shanti
PTD ✝️🙏🕉

This election is not about the left or the right. It is about a wholistic movement of coming together as One: to fight for the soul of America.

I am an overcoming champion of tremendously adverse experiences because I live in a Democracy!

How else could a 25 year old psych patient who was killing herself with alcohol, bulimia, and self-betrayal become me?

I serve a God who has taught me that we don’t pitch tents on the tops of mountains.

We come back down to the community and the family to teach what we have learned; around the campfire.

Only kindness and compassion matter: and if we do not stand for Truth in this time, we could lose our freedom.

Then a person with a big mouth like me would be silenced.

We don’t have to choose an apocalyptic and fiery end.

Do not let your zeal burn down the house with everyone in it!

We don’t live in a black or white world, but many do not perceive the light.

Be the light you want to see in the world.


Stand for Love

I believe that supporting the Biden/Harris campaign is the most important thing any of us will ever do; if we care about our planet and our children to come.

To stand with Biden & Harris is to stand together as The People.

A vote for hate is a betrayal of Love.

Miracles are real; and a miracle is a shift in perception that assures you there is still beauty within this world.

I am humbled by the witness of your heart for all creation, oh Lord; a love so deep and all-encompassing.

You have shown me your heart’s longing: that each may know that we are loved as if we were the sole desire of love herself.

Without your love, we are caged within ourselves by the “truths” we think we already know.

We must understand that the acquisition of truth requires the letting go of idols we have miscreated with fear.

Fear is a phantom whose trickery distracts us with regrets of past failings and frozen doubt of future greatness.

Only love is real; and in her hands, a dark and bleak perspective can transform to instant beauty.

Never forget there is still beauty in this world; but we must seek it to perceive it.

Take the time to pause and know that grace, truth, and love remain eternally unchanged.

Live one moment at a time; and make it something beautiful!

A note from Love to you. 💕

PTD ✝️🙏🕉

If the extra $600 a week caused people on unemployment to make more than they make working, what does that say about the wages we are paying our workers? If we want a booming economy, we need to pay the workforce a living wage where they actually have some expendable income. My daughter is a server downtown. If she is forced to work full-time serving people who should be at home in the first place, she is risking her life. It’s time for ALL to pick up a broom, clean your own house, and show some respect for the people we pay to do things we don’t want to do for ourselves.

I am sick and tired of this ALL LIVES MATTER crap. Of course all lives matter, but if we have the urge to chime back about ALL lives mattering, we don’t believe it.

Why can’t we just collectively own the fact that this country was founded on systemic racism?

I work in the criminal justice system. Don’t even try to tell me that systemic racism is a lie. I see it every day. And I see the heartbreak of disenfranchised people every day.

Yes, some people milk the system, but that is not true for most. I know single black mom’s who are being evicted while trying to earn a living working in a nursing home!!!

If you don’t have first-hand relationships with the people you call “they,” please be silent. If you can’t be a part of the solution, at least stop being a part of the problem.

Now is the time for unity! ✝️🙏🕉

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